July 4th Fredericksburg Parade

Parade Marshal Doug Reaves

with his 1941 Ford Pickup

Shawn Reaves with her 1955 Thunderbird

Calvetti's 1964 Mercury Comet

Ted Severns 1932 Ford Roadster

Wyatt's 1954 Cadillac

Smiling Ed Metzler & 1956 Ford

Buchhorn's 1929 Model A Pickup

White's 1957 Fairlane Sunliner

Lang's 1956 Chevrolet

Calvetti's Granddaugthers &

Hutcherson's VW Bus

Hutcherson's 1978 VW Bug

May's 1930 Model A

The Streets were lined with Flag wavers and Well Wishers as far as you could see along the Parade Route !