Learn More about Upcoming Local & National Events

2023 FVCC Local Tours:

January 14th,  Exotic Resort Wildlife Zoo & Lunch Tour,  Johnson City, TX

Tour Hosts:  Cathy & Greg Rising   cathyrising@gmail.com

February 18thTour of the Western Art Museum & BBQ Lunch, Kerrville, TX

Tour Hosts:  Cathy & Greg Rising   cathyrising@gmail.com  or call Greg at: 760-532-9877

March 5th,  Lunch, Tour & Fredericksburg Theater Company, FBG, TX.  Rosemary Clooney Musical.

Tour Hosts: Cathy & Greg Rising   cathyrising@gmail.com  or call Greg at: 760-532-9877

March 30th,   Learn How Babbitt Bearings are Poured.  CANCELED

2023  VMCCA & Regional Tours:

April 30th - May 4th,  Mid-Atlantic Region Tour

Duane & Trish Copley, dgcopley46@yahoo.com

June 12th -16th, Kentucky Region Central Nickel Aged Tour, Hamilton, OH, 

Dave Grenier,  triu4@yahoo.com

July 9th -14th,  1 & 2 Cylinder Tour, Richmond, IN

Dave & Kelly Copelandgrizzsgarage2019@gmail.com 



September 10th - 16th, VMCCA Heritage Tour, Newport News, VA

James & Becky Woodall,  jbmwoodall@cox.net


October 22nd -27th,  77th Revival AAA Glidden Tour®, Thomasville, GA 

Steve and Blanche Gordon,   gliddentour2023@gmail.com


2024  VMCCA & Regional Tours:

April 7th - 11th, VMCCA Orphan Car Tour, Decatur, TX

Bill & Betty Shores,  b.shores@sbcglobal.net

June 23rd - 28th, VMCCA 1 & 2 Cylinder Tour, Medina, OH

Dave and Debbie Vasel,   dvasel1576@gmail.com